Tallinn tourist guide – by your YES team

YES 2017 is starting already next week. In order to make your stay here as enjoyable as possible we - the YES 2017 organizing team - have compiled a list of recommendations for you with links to all the information about the places - just click on the name of the place ;) It is a list of places to visit and things to do while in Tallinn. This is a list you will not find in any tour guide or booklet, this list is straight from our hearth and only for you. Enjoy :) Silver:"I very much enjoy the surroundings...

Become e-Estonian

Estonia is creating a borderless digital society for global citizens as the first country to offer e-Residency. E-Residency is a transnational digital identity that anyone in the world can apply for to obtain access to a platform built on inclusion, legitimacy and transparency. E-residents then have access to the EU business environment and can use public e-services through their digital identity. As of today more than 21,000 people from 141 countries have applied for e-Residency.  e-Residents can: Digitally sign and transmit documents Access international payment service providers (Paypal, Braintree, etc.) Establish and manage a location-independent company online from anywhere in the world Establish...

What is Open Data?

Open Data explained simply:

A picture says more than a thousand words …

... a moving picture says more than a million. Watch this video and find out what Open Data really means.

What is Big Data and why do we need it?

In an ever-changing world, we are forced to face new challenges. With the overflow of information the SAI's role as an independent information provider is slowly slipping away. In this day and age, news media, as well as, social networks are providing information to the wider public in a matter of seconds. SAIs too need to work faster and smarter. We need to use all the tools of the new era to advance our work. We've all heard about Big Data but what do we mean by it? And, more importantly, how can it benefit us? Not more than a decade ago...


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It is not an easy task to define ‘YES’. Yes, it’s a conference, but not just a conference. It’s a network of young, inspired, enthusiastic professionals. YES is driven by innovation and the courage to think big! Yet, each YES Conference is one of a kind and with a different focus. To read more about the previous conferences, just visit the YES 2013 and YES 2015 website.