I am Meeli (29) and I have worked at the Local Governments’ Audit Department of NAOE for over 2 years now. Our department performs compliance audits in local governments. Currently we are doing an audit about IT security measures implemented in local governments. I took up snowboarding a year ago (again!) and am now a true believer of winter holidays in the mountains as opposed to destinations in warm climates.

Hi! My name is Riina (29) and I have worked at the Local Governments’ Audit Department of NAO of Estonia almost 4 years now. In our department we conduct audits in different fields of local governments’ activities. For example I have done audits about accessibility of preschool places as well as collection of support for children under guardianship. At the moment I am participating in an audit about IT security. I really love travelling and exploring new places!

Hi! My name is Gerly (24). I`ve been working at the Performance Audit Department for almost a year now and I`m auditing education. Currently we are finishing up our two audits: one on teaching digital skills at comprehensive schools and the other on financing education and science from European Union Funds. I love being active and involved in many different projects. As for now, I organize a lot at my church – educative courses, youth meetings and activities, I also sing in a choir there and participate in project bands once in a while.

I’m Karin (32) and I have worked at the Financial Audit Department of NAOE for over five years now. Our department’s main goal is to carry out financial audits to assess accuracy of Annual Reports and regularity of transactions of the state. Over the years I have carried out financial audits in different ministries. Presently I’m involved in financial audits of Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of the Defense. In my spare time, my passions are movies, theatre and especially stand –up comedy.

Hi! My name is Elena (32). I’ve worked at the Performance Audit Department for about 1,5 years . Apart from auditing, travelling is one of my greatest passions and I always enjoy exploring new cultures, as well as learning new things.

My name is Silver (31). I´ve been working in Estonian National Audit Office for almost 4 years. I am auditing the field of infrastructure. Currently I am participating in conducting the audit about financing the renovation of roads from European Union support. I love playing chess. I participated in European Rapid Chess Championship 2016 which was held in Tallinn.

Hey! I’m Kristiina (27). I’ve worked at the Performance Audit Department of the NAO of Estonia for a little over two years now. Our team specializes in infrastructure auditing and my role in the team is to know everything about energy. At the moment I’m working on two big international audits, one of them on energy efficiency and the other on the planned cross-border high-speed railway line Rail Baltic. Besides my work my biggest passions in life are travelling and dogs.

My name is Tiiu (29). I’ve worked at the NAO of Estonia Financial Audit Department for almost 4 years. Carrying out a financial audit means that we are obligated to annually assess the correctness of the statements made by the Government in its financial statements, thereby confirming whether the public funds have been properly accounted and whether they have been gathered and spent in accordance with acts and other legislation regulating financial administration. But other than that I love cakes, sunsets and my adorable little French Bulldog Mindy.

Hi! I’m Krislin (25) and I’ve worked at the NAOE for over 4 years. I am an advisor at the Development Services, focussing on international relations. I am responsible for coordinating the activities of EUROSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA-). Lately, I have also been involved in an exciting project of developing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in cooperation with University of Tartu. Of course, the most thrilling project at hand right now is organising the YES Conference! After work, I like to cook, spend time with friends, or engage with my latest hobby – learning French!

My name is Eliise (27). I have been working in National Audit Office of Estonia as the Assistant to Head of Performance Audit Department for over three years. My main task is to make sure that auditors, audit managers and the director have everything necessary for their job. And by the way – I am a huge fan of pugs.

What is the National Audit Office?
The National Audit Office is an independent institution acting in the interests of and hired by the Estonian taxpayer whose function is to investigate how the state and local authorities have spent the taxpayer’s money and what they have given them for it. The National Audit Office was established in 1918 in the same year when the Republic of Estonia was declared. In 1940 the activities of the National Audit Office were interrupted due to Soviet occupation. In 1990 the activities of the National Audit Office were restored. The independence of the National Audit Office is secured by the Constitution and the National Audit Office Act. No one can order the National Audit Office to perform mandatory audit functions. The National Audit Office decides on its own what, when and how to audit.
The National Audit Office is managed by the Auditor General who has extensive powers in managing the National Audit Office. The Auditor General is appointed to office by the Parliament based on a proposal of the President. The Parliament of Estonia (Riigikogu) appointed  Dr Alar Karis as Auditor General on 26 March 2013.
The fundamental values of the National Audit Office is objectiveness and independence, competence and diligence, cooperation and openness, and honesty and integrity.

The National Audit Office employs approximately 90 people. Three-fourths of them are engaged in auditing and one-fourth is engaged in supporting auditing, ensuring the work of the Auditor General and overall records management. www.riigikontroll.ee/